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Crew Management and Manning

Dalian Sea Carrier Co., Ltd. possesses crew manning qualifications approved and authenticated by Maritime Safety Administration of China. It won the certificate of officer service mechanism in 2011 and obtained crew manning qualification certificate in September of 2012. In addition, it owns abundant social relationships and powerful crews of over 600 persons at all levels. It needs over 1,000 crew members at all levels every year. Now, the company has more than 100 seafarers signing formal labor contracts and more than 200 ones signing non-labor contracts, as well as over 300 ones serving in the company every year. The company, thus, could organize an excellent crew team by the seafarers at all levels. The company attaches great importance to the construction and training of crew team and lots of graduates joins the crew team every year to become the fresh blood. Moreover, the company performs the concentrated training for crew members every year in accordance with the training plan. As the professionals visit the ships, they will conduct one-to-one training for the crew members so that the professional quality of company’s crew team is improving gradually and the company opens up a new way for the crew cultivation and management. After the normalized and high-level crew training management for more than 10 years, the company has built a high-quality crew team with strong professional qualifications, high-level English expression ability and good service sense.

In future, we will build a crew growth base, set up a modern crew team with both political integrity and professional ability so as to provide eligible crew members for ship-owners and meet the requirements of ship-owners both at home and abroad for crew service quality.

Welcome to join the crew team of Dalian Sea Carrier Co., Ltd.!