Culture idea


To be one of the most competitive enterprises in the international marine industry.


Creating value for customers.

Building a stage for employees to realize the ego value.

Creating continuous returns for shareholders.

Being a reliable enterprise to make contributions to the society.


Core Values: Firm and Indomitable, Self-criticism, Professional and Dedicated and Selfless Contributions.

Focusing on the customers, providing professional services and bringing customers with great value.

Team:Clearing priorities, making clear department of labor, being collaborative in work and being ready to accept a higher or lower post.

Innovation: Keeping pace with the times and standing courageously ahead of the reform upsurge.

Enterprise Spirit: Enterprising, Tough, Sunny, Highly Efficient and Happy.

Management Principle: Honest, Cooperative, Win-win and Altruistic.


Management Strategy: Optimizing the business structure and making a meticulous effort in the target market to become the leader of segment market.

HR Strategy: Building a scientific human resource management system and setting up a courageous and cooperative talent cultivation mechanism in order to transform from the individual heroism to team work.

Cultural Strategy: Thoroughly carrying out the corporate cultural conceptions and making dynamic adjustments and improvements in accordance with the corporate strategy so as to ensure the realization of corporate vision.