Shipping logistics

  1. Ocean Service and Ocean Chartering and Booking;
  2. east Asia Service and east Asia Chartering and Booking;
  3. Steel Trading Business

The company’s ocean shipping department controls 14 foreign trade vessels, including1 Ro-Ro ship of 8,000 tonnages, 10 tweendeck general cargo carriers with 8,000 to 13,000 tonnages, 2 general cargo carriers with 25,000 tonnages,1 bulk carriers with 32,000 tonnages. It mainly engages in the dry bulk and general cargo  shipping in the routes of China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean,  Gulf of Persia and Pacific Ocean.

Besides booking for own vessels, Ocean Shipping Department also undertakes  chartering business. With the appointment of customers, Ocean Shipping  Department will help to book suitable tonnage for them, which becomes one part  of the department’s business.

Our ships respectively possess the qualifications by NKK and CCS, parts of which could combine to 70-80 tons. The cargo includes equipment, agricultural products, minerals, fertilizers, white sugar, coal, timber, etc.

We have established favorable cooperation relationships with many shippers and charterers on the strength of professional and abundant ocean transportation experience for years. Our partners are all over the world, including Bunge, Cargill, d'Amico, AMEROPA, ED & FMAN, Mitsui, NYK, K-LINE, Singapore WILMAR, Hyundai Corporation, Glencore and major Chinese steel mills, etc.

We focus on the ocean transportation. Our capability is advancing continuously, our experience is enriched without intermission and our service is improved every day. We help customers ship dry bulk cargoes safely and reliably to different countries and regions all over the world by our professional transportation team.