shipping chartering and booking


The chartering department mainly focuses on OP business including ship chartering, cargo canvassing and logistics services. It mainly engages in the project cargoes such as power plants, cement plants, paper mills, wind power and railway projects in Southeast Asia, China, Japan and South Korea. With the national policy of going global and “the Belt and Road” Initiative in recent years, we, on the basis of chartering department, establish Rich Source Logistics Co.,Ltd with the culture of “hard-working, cooperative, passionate and excellent”. We strive to build a professional and highly-efficient team so as to provide top-ranking ocean shipping services for customers. At present, we own a team consisting of professionals, including project manager, business manager, operators and captains, and thus successfully provide high-quality ocean shipping services for domestic and international famous customers. 

After establishment, the chartering department has set up favorable cooperation relationships with some world top 500 enterprises, including Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Samsung and Hyundai, etc. Based on the stable routes in Japan and South Korea, we also explore routes in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and India, and furthermore, we open the routes from Shanghai and the north of China to Vietnam and Indonesia via tramps. 

The company has successfully undertaken the projects of Long Son Company Limited, Indonesia OKI Pulp & Paper Mills and Japanese wind power projects, thus winning the customer's general consent and good reputation.

The department is a significant component of the company business. With the development of the team and expansion of customers, we will always work in accordance with conception of "hard-working, cooperative, passionate and excellent" and make continuous improvement so as to provide customers with the best services.